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√ Referensi Report Text About Lion Terbaru

Konten [Tampil]
Contoh Report Text About Lion Terbaru – Report Text merupakan salah satu jenis teks dalam Bahasa Inggris yang berfungsi untuk menawarkan klarifikasi atau info umum mengenai suatu hal, menyerupai benda, hewan, tumbuhan, tempat, bangunan, atau peristiwa. Berikut ialah rujukan Report Text mengenai binatang singa.


The lion (Panthera leo) is one of the largest and strongest cat in the world. Lion’s size is almost equal to the size of the Siberian tiger. The lion is the largest cats that live on the African continent. Unique differences that exist between lions and other big cats are some types of lions pretend to be living in a group, while the other types of cats are solitary. Although it was once a lion once roamed across Africa and even parts of Europe and Asia, the population of lions left in the world today simply are in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the lion population is thought to have dropped by 30% over the last 20 years due to the loss of their natural habitat.

The lion has a short fur coat with brown or golden color with a long tail that has a tuft of fur at the end. No patterns or spots on the lion fur are like in other big cat species. This helps these large carnivores not look visible when stalking prey in long grassland. The male lion is one of the largest cat in the world with a stud whose size is taller and heavier than females. Male lion also has a mane of long hair around their faces, while the female lion do not. The lion has a strong jaw with 30 teeth with four canines are used to tear meat prey. The lion has a large and sharp claws that help them when running and climbing to catch prey or to defend themselves. Front and rear foot structure they also allow the lion to be able to jump with a distance of over 10 meters.

Lions have been pushed into a smaller area that are only found in countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Although their numbers have been greatly reduced, and the lion is actually very adaptable animals in environments with very dry climate. They prefer open forest, scrub and grassland long where they can hide well and there are also many prey. The lion is not found in the rain forest areas or far into the desert.

The lion is a unique kind of big cats as they live together in social groups is strong. One group consists of 5-15 female lion together with their children and males are generally one. Male lions often patrol the vast region with a group of about 100m². Lion males usually mark trees and rocks with urine to warn of intruders. Although the male lion can defend the group from various threats, their position in the group is constantly under threat from other male lion who wants to try to take over the group. And if successful, they will kill all the children of the previous males. Despite the large size, the Lions blasphemy almost never hunt. That’s because their bodies are large enough to make them slower and more easily seen by their prey. In hunting, the female lion often do. Lionesses hunt together with other females in the group. With the relatively smaller body, lionesses can move faster in pursuit their preys.

After a gestation period that is lasted for nearly four months, the lioness gives birth to one to six cubs which are born blind and are very susceptible to their new environment. Fur baby lion is covered by dark spots that help them to disguise themselves protected in their nest when their mother goes hunting. However, less than half of the young lion can reach the age of one and four of the five lion cubs usually die by the time they are two years old. The deaths of baby lions mainly due to the attacks other animals or starving. In the group of lions, when the females give birth, the other females in the group will help take care of the lion cubs. Lion cubs to suckle at its mother for about six months. Although they do not start actively hunt until they are about a year old, a lion cub already starts eating meat after their age 12 weeks or more.

The lion is a large carnivorous animals surviving only by eating other animals to sustain itself. Unlike other big cats, lions are not solitary hunters (alone), but otherwise lionesses work together to hunt and capture prey. This strategy allows the lioness to kill animals faster and much bigger than them, such as Buffalo, Wildebeest and even giraffes. The lion is also known to hunt gazelles, zebras and Warthog and several species of Antelope by following the herd them across the open grasslands. Lionesses will not lower their guard after they get their prey. Threats of Hyena with a much larger group could come and steal prey. Once the prey has been immobilized, lioness will let lion males in the group to enjoy the quarry, then follow the 4dukt lionesses. Lion cubs will begin to come eat when all the 4dukt lions have been completed.

Demikianlah rujukan Report Text mengenai singa (lion). Semoga rujukan teks tersebut sanggup membantu kalian dalam memahami Report Text dengan baik. Terima kasih.

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