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√ Referensi Pidato Bahasa Inggris Perihal Kebersihan

Konten [Tampil]
Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kebersihan – Kebersihan merupakan problem yang paling utama dan sering dijumpai hampir di setiap tempat, termasuk lingkungan sekolah. Tidak jarang banyak orang memasang slogan-slogan untuk mengingatkan biar membuang sampah pada tempatnya dan menjaga kebersihan, tetapi nhatanya masih saja banyak orang yang tidak paham akan hal tersebut. Berikut kami sajikan contoh pidato Bahasa Inggris mengenai kebersihan lingkungan sekolah.

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

The honorable Mr. / Mrs/ Teachers.

As well as all my friends that I love.

First of all, let us pray our praise and gratitude to Allah SWT for blessing and the gift so that we can all come together in this place in good health.

Mr / Ms teachers and friends,

Before I begin this speech, I will remind about the slogans attached to almost every corridor of our school, including “cleanliness is the root of health”, “cleanliness is part of faith”, and “keep cleaning”. But do these slogans have inspired us to put it into practice? We often see students littering, either in the form of used paper and packs everywhere.

Of course we as a school community does not want to see the garbage strewn everywhere. The trash can also pollute the environment of our schools, both in the classroom and outside the classroom. In addition, the gross school environment also can make our learning environment becomes uncomfortable.

The school environment should always look clean, airy, and reassuring so that when we learn, we are no longer bothered with the inconvenience of the trash. Therefore, I am as the part of this school really want to watch over the cleanliness of the school environment we love. Each class should now have its own discipline on the importance of cleanliness. The students who have a picket schedule must arrive early so that when the first lesson has been started, the classroom environment will be clean and comfortable for the instruction.

My beloved teachers and friends,

In order to achieve a clean and comfortable environment in which we learn, it is essential to do the action that is inviting awareness to each student to maintain hygiene to overcome the problems. The educators are expected to able to sensitize students to maintain cleanliness in the school environment.

My beloved teachers and friends,

In addition, we can also run as a class picket action to keep the environment in school and get used to sort the waste in accordance with the group before being put into the trash.

The kind of waste is divided into three, namely:

1. Wet waste. It is waste that is biodegradable and rot.

For example: food scraps, vegetable, fruit, garden waste and kitchen waste.

2. Dry Garbage. It is garbage that can not rot and decompose naturally.

For example: paper, cardboard, plastic, rubber, glass, cans and others.

3. Hazardous and Toxic Materials. It is the toxic waste and reactive seriously endanger the health and life of the organism.

For example: batteries, paint, pesticides, trash hospitals, and others.

So I expect the students to dispose of waste in place in accordance with the types of garbage.

My beloved teachers and friends,

We all do not want our schools become dirty, rundown and full of rubbish. The rubbish was also pollute the environment both in the classroom and outside the classroom, but it also can cause an uncomfortable atmosphere for learning our end we did with lessons given concentration of father / mother a teacher.

My beloved teachers and friends,

I hope that through such efforts, the teachers can sensitize students to maintain the cleanliness of the school environment. Cleanliness big impact on health and therefore hygiene should be maintained by us and for us as well.

Remember that the school environment should be an environment that looks clean, airy and comfortable, so that people who are in it will be convenient when they are in the process of seeking knowledge. Therefore, I requested and appealed to all citizens of this school to always keep our environment clean so that the school environment will be clean and the teaching learning istruction can run well. Let us sit down together to raise awareness about the importance of cleanliness of the school environment. Because the cleanliness of the school environment is of course not only the responsibility of the gardener, but the responsibility of all of the entire school community.

Before I end this speech, I would like to invite all my friends to go hand in hand to maintain a school environment that we love clean and healthy.

That is all my speech for today. Thank you so much for the participation and attention.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Demikianlah rujukan pidato Bahasa Inggris mengenai kebersihan. Semoga bermanfaat!

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