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√ Pola Obrolan Bahasa Inggris Perihal Opini

Konten [Tampil]
Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Tentang Opini – Dalam kehidupan sehari – hari, niscaya kita sering meminta pendapat akan sesuatu hal, baik kepada keluarga, sahabat, teman, atau pacar. Pendapat mereka kita jadikan materi pertimbangan dalam tetapkan untuk melaksanakan suatu hal. Berikut ini kami sajikan contoh obrolan Bahasa Inggris mengenai opini atau pendapat.

A: Hi! How are you doing?

B: Hello, I am doing fine. What about you?

A: I am also good, thank you. What are you doing here in this mall alone?

B: I am looking for a gift for my best friend and buy a dress for me to go to her birthday party. The next two days is her birthday and I have to give her something as a gift.

A: Oh, I see.. Okay then, what if I accompany you finding the gift and your dress?

B: Really? Are you free now? I mean what are you doing here? Aren’t you waiting for someone here?

A: Actually nope. I came here just to buy some breads for my mother then I want to go home. But I met you here so I can accompany you finding the gift and the dress.

B: Thank you so much! Alright then, come on. Let’s go!

A: Firstly, we look for the gift. Umm, what does your best friend like for a gift? Like her favorite things, colors, or hobby? We can start finding a gift easily by knowing your best friend’s favorite thing.

B: She likes everything in blue. She likes bright blue and tosca.

A: What about this cute blue shoes? Do you like it?

B: Umm I do not think that this model of shoe fits to her. What do you think about this doll as a gift?

A: I think this doll is nice and the color is also blue, her favorite. But in my opinion, we have to give her something useful, such as bag, shoes, dress, or anything that she needs at present.

B: She ever told me that her old bag is a little bit broken. What do you think if we give her a bag as a birthday gift?

A: I believe that it is a great idea! Alright, let’s find a nice bag for her.

B: Hey look at this bag! What is your opinion about this bag? This bag is blue and has many pockets.

A: Umm, the color is just too bright. Look at this one. What do you think about this bag?

B: Oh it is such a nice bag! The color is also soft. It is blue, but soft. The bag has some parts but it looks simply beautiful. I think this one suits her. I will take this then.

A: Alright!

B: So, the next thing to do is finding my dress for my best friend’s birthday party. Do you want to accompany me?

A: Sure, I want. I have told you before.

B: Okay. Let’s go.

A: Do you like long or short dress?

B: I like long dress.

A: The glamour or the simple one?

B: In my opinion, a simple dress is nice and looks beautiful.

A: Okay, last two days I came here to find a dress for my mother and I saw a very beautiful dress for teenagers like us. Come on, let me show you.

B: I cannot wait to see it.

A: Here is the dress, a long soft pink dress. What do you think about this dress?

B: Wow! I personally think that ths dress is very beautiful. What makes me think that this dress is very beautiful is because it is soft pink and it has a little detail on it. It also looks simple with a little flowers as a tiny detail. I like it.

A: Really? Do you like it? We have the same taste, then. Moreover, I think this dress suits you.

B: Okay, I will buy this dress. In your opinion, if I wear this dress then what color of pouch should I bring with?

A: Umm, in my opinion you can bring any pouch with soft color. It is because the color of the dress is soft, but it will look better if you bring a pouch with the color of white, soft pink, cream, or pastel colors, but do not choose tosca because it is out of theme.

B: Alright. Thank you so much for accompanying me today and thank you also for helping me.

A: You are very welcome. I am also glad to help you. By the way, I have to go to pick my mom up in the train station. See you later.

B: Okay, thank you. See you and take care..

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