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√ Pola Obrolan Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang Wacana Persahabatan

Konten [Tampil]
Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang Tentang Persahabatan – Sahabat merupakan teman yang telah erat dengan kita, melaksanakan banyak hal dengan kita, dan melewati banyak hal bahagia dan susah bersama. Namun terkadang ada hal yang menjadi rintangan dan merupakan sebuah persoalan dalam persahabatan. Berikut ialah contoh obrolan antara 4 orang mengenai persahabatan dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Ronald : Hey Jack! What do you want by doing such a cruel thing? I cannot believe that you did something bad to me. I am your own friend, remember?!

Jack : Hey, what happened to you? Why do you suddenly get angry with me?

Ronald : Do not pretend that you do not know anything. I know that yesterday you went with Angel, right?

Jack : Yes, it is right. Then why? What is wrong with that?

Ronald : I do not like it! I do not like if you and Angel go for a walk together. You must stay away from her.

Jack : What? Are you aware of what you are saying? It is not your business. Do not control what I want to do!

Ronald : Angel will be my girlfriend soon. What kind of friend you are who are brave enough to get what your own friend wants?!

Jack : Hey, Angekl is not yet your girl, right? So it is okay for me to get close to her.

Ronald : Ugh… Do you also like her?

Jack : Yes, I like Angel. I also have right to get close to her, not only you!

Ronald : No you cannot be like that! You cannot get close to her! You have to stay away from her!

Jack : No, never! I will always be with her in her side!

Ronald : You!!! (Ronald hits Jack in the face)

Jack : How could you? You hit me?! How could a friend do this to his own friend? (Jack also hits Ronald in the face)

Roy : Hey, hey! What is happening? Stop it!! Do not fight here!

Ronald : Shut up! It is not your business! Go away! It is our problem!

(Roy then goes to find for a help and he meets Smith)

Roy : Smith!! Something wrong has just happened!

Smith : What is wrong? What is happening?

Roy : Ronald and Jack are fighting in the class now!! I want to separate them but I cannot.

Smith : What? Are you serious with what you say? I know that they both are actually good friends. It is impossible if they are fighting.

Roy : I say the truth. They are fighting now in the class. I do not know what they are fighting for and the cause that makes them fighting, but the most imporatnt thing is now to separate them.

Smith : Are you sure?

Roy : Yes!!! What if we call the teacher to separate them?

Smith : No, do not do that! All of the teachers are having a meeting right now in the office. If we say this to one of the teacher then all of the teachers will know and both Ronald and jack will get punished for what they did.

Roy : So what should we do now?

Smith : Let’s go to the class and we stop them fighting! We need to try to separate them.

Roy : Alright, come on.

(In the class..)

Smith : Hey you guys! Stop fighting right now!!

Ronald : Shut up!! It is our fighting!

Smith : Hey you guys! Listen to me!!!! You both are good friends and I know that. Why must you guys fight like this? You both are not little kids anymore!

Jack : It is Ronald who hit me first!

Ronald : Jack, it is you who made me upset!

Roy : Stop it guys! Now just tell us the caue of your fighting, right now!

Ronald : I get upset with Jack! He knows that I like Angel, but he keeps staying close to her. You are such a bad friend!

Jack : I told you that I also have right to get close to her.

Smith : So it is all about a girl? Oh God, come on guys. Do you guys not realize that your friendship is now broken just because of a girl?

Roy : That is right! Anyway, is Angel interested in you two? Angel is the most beautiful girl in this school so there are many boys try to get close to her, not only you two who do that. I even saw Angel in a cafe near my house with a guy from the other class yesterday evening.

Ronald : Seriously?

Jack : Really?

Roy : Yes, really. Now just forget that girl. You know, your friendship is much more important than a girl.

Smith : Roy is right. There are many girls out there and you should not like a girl by seeing just her face, but look also her heart. Now you guys have to apologize each other.

Ronald : Umm.. Yes, you guys are right. Jack I am sorry for what I did to you. I am really sorry.

Jack : It’s okay Ronald. I am also sorry for being cruel to my own good friend. Please forgive me.

Ronald : Yes, of course I forgive you. You are my good friend, Jack.

Roy : Alright! What about going to canteen now? I am getting hungry.

Smith : That is a good idea. Come on guyss.

Demikianlah pola obrolan antar 4 orang mengenai persahabatan dalam Bahasa Inggris. Semoga bermanfaat!