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√ Pola Obrolan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang Wacana Pendidikan

Konten [Tampil]
Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang Tentang Pendidikan – Percakapan mengenai pendidikan yang dilakukan antara dua orang sanggup saja terjadi antara guru dengan siswa, siswa dengan wali murid, pemerhati pendidikan dengan masyarakat, atau pun guru dengan wali murid. Berikut ini kami menyajikan pola obrolan atau percakapan antara dua orang mengenai pendidikan dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Indah: Good morning. Is there a homeroom teacher of the class X A here?

Leni: Good morning. Yes, I am the homeroom teacher of Class X A. I am so glad that you came here to meet the call. There is a little thing that I want to talk to you. Could we talk in my room?

Indah: Oh, sure.

In the room…

Leni: Please take a seat and wait for a minute.

Indah: Is there something wrong with my child that you asked me to meet you privately?

Leni: Before I tell you what happen, could I ask you a question? Did your child, Erna, ever told you something? Is there any kasus with her in the family? Or is she having a kasus with her friends or boyfriend?

Indah: I always take care of my children and watch them well, including Erna. She does not have a boyfriend yet. Moreover, she did not tell me that she has a kasus with her friends so I think she is fine with her friends. What happened actually, Miss?

Leni: It is good to hear that. What happened actually is Erna’s scores have been decreasing since the last two months. The reports that I got from the subject teachers said that Erna’s anthusiasm in learning is also going down. As a homeroom teacher, I do not want something bad happens to my students. I have tried to talk privately with Erna but she did not give me the appropriate answer. I have observed her for some times and I believe that there is something that she hides. I know that Erna is not a cold students. She is a kind and lively girl, but now she looks always cold and sad. I tried to figure it out by asking what happened to Erna to her best friends, but they also did not know what happened to her. Then I believe that she hides something from everyone, but I hope Erna did not hide anything from you as her mother.

Indah: Hmm, I am very grateful that you keep your eyes on my child, Erna. Actually there is a problem, a big one, in our family. Erna’s father and I were divorced two months ago. We actually did not want this to happen, but when two people were not fit each other then it was very hard to fix it. Actually we were very hard to make this decision because we thought about our children, but it all happened. I also have to work hard as both father and mother for my children. I think that makes Erna changes.

Leni: Oh I am very sorry to what happened to your family. Now it is clear what makes Erna sad. I just want to remind you that simpulan examination is coming closer and Erna’s score are getting down. If this happens until the end of the semester, it will be bad for Erna’s future. I hope you can give Erna some advices and motivate her to study hard for her future.

Indah: Yes, Miss, I will try to talk to her and give her some advices and motivations. Recently I have been very busy in working so that I did not give much time for my children. I work hard for my children, especially Erna because I know that she wants to be a doctor and we all know that we need not a little money to join university, especially the medical department.

Leni: Yes, you are right. But you do not have to worry because now our goverment has many programs to develop our education, one of them is scholarship. The scholarship itself has some kinds, such as the scholarship for low-income students and the scholarship for students with good scores. I believe that Erna will get one of the scholarship if she focuses on her study and studies hard.

Indah: Really? Do you believe that Erna will get the scholarship to continue her study?

Leni: Yes, of course. Erna has good scores and she also has many achievement in Taekwondo. I believe that she will get the scholarship, but you have to make sure that she deserves the scholarship by motivating her to study hard.

Indah: Yes, Miss. I will surely talk to my child and motivate her to study hard to get her dreams come true.

Leni: Nice to hear that. Alright, Ma’am, I think my job now is over. I hope that Erna will become a kind and lively girl again. Thank you Ma’am for giving me your time to come here and talk to me.

Indah: No, it should be me thank you for taking care of my child, Erna. Alright, I need to go now and thank you, Miss.

Leni: You are very welcome, Ma’am.

Demikianlah pola obrolan antara 2 orang mengenai pendidikan dalam Bahasa Inggris. Semoga bermanfaat!

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