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√ Soal Bahasa Inggris Perihal Verb Kunci Jawaban

Konten [Tampil]

Soal Bahasa Inggris Tentang Verb & Kunci Jawaban – Verb merupakan salah satu komponen dalam menciptakan kalimat. Verb merupakan kata kerja yang bermakna kegiatan atau acara yang dilakukan oleh subjek kalimat. Agar lebih mengerti mengenai Verb dalam Bahasa Inggris, berikut yaitu soal Bahasa Inggris wacana verb beserta kunci jawabannya.

Soal Bahasa Inggris wacana Verb

Choose one option as the best answer!

1. She has been _______ since this morning.

a. cook c. cooked

b. cooks d. cooking

2. Intan and Ken have been ________ in London since they were five and six years old.

a. stayed c.staying

b. stays d. stay

3. Aiden _________ his master degree.

a. has completed c. have complete

b. having completed d. completing

4. I always ________ your name.

a. remembering c. remember

b. remembers d. remembered

5. My uncle and aunt will be ________ for Germany tomorrow morning.

a. left c. leave

b. leaving d. leaves

6. The students will be _________ on the stage tomorrow.

a. singing c. sung

b. sang d. sing

7. We ________ not going to the beach.

a. am c. is

b. be d. are

8. ______ she your lecturer?

a. am c. be

b. is d. are

9. That restaurant ________ ours yet.

a. is not c. are not

b. am not d. being

10. ________ these your new novels?

a. am c. are

b. is d. have

11. Jason has been _________ game since last night.

a. play c. plays

b. playing d. played

12. We ________ best friends forever.

a. am c. was

b. are d. is

13. Tiara ________ her school assignments.

a. finishing c. have finished

b. has finishing d. has finished

14. She has ___________ that way.

a. remember c. remembers

b. remembering d. remembered

15. My family will _______ on vacation to Holland next month.

a. goes c. went

b. go d. gone

16. They will be ________ at the competition next week.

a. competed c. compete

b. competes d. competing

17. Andra’s families _______ vegetables everyday.

a. ate c. eat

b. eats d. eaten

18. The little baby _______ milk every morning and evening.

a. drink c. drinking

b. drinks d. drank

19. The palace in this city _______ very wonderful.

a. is c. was

b. are d. be

20. The weather today ________ rainy, isn’t it?

a. am c. are

b. was d. is

21. A native speaker introduced himself and _________ hello to local people.

a. say c. says

b. said d. to say


22. They want not only to take a tip to London, but ________ to France.

a. also travelling c. also to travel

b. they also like to travel d. to travels also

23. My friend could correct neither what the teacher said ________ .

a. nor she wrote c. or what she wrote

b. nor what she wrote d. nor she writing

24. Tammy is always generous, kind, and _______ .

a. helpful c. helpless

b. to help d. help you

25. My best friends asked me to ________ last night.

a. dinner in the restaurant c. have dine in the restaurant

b. was dine in the restaurant d. dine in the restaurant

26. The roses that we planted yesterday ______ growing up now.

a. were c. is

b. are d. was

27. For my mother, living in the village ________ living in the city.

a. is better than c. than better is

b. better than is d. better is than

28. He called me when I ________ in my house.

a. sleep c. have been slept

b. sleeping d. was sleeping

29. Lisa told me that she did not have both novel ________ .

a. comic c. or comic

b. nor comic d. and comic

30. Aiden, _________, will come back to Indonesia after living in London for 2 years.

a. is my best friend c. my best friend is

b. my friend is best d. my best friend

Kunci Jawaban:

1. D. cooking

2. C.staying

3. A. has completed

4. C. remember

5. B. leaving

6. A.singing

7. D. are

8. B. is

9. A. is not

10. C. are

11. B. playing

12. B. are

13. D. has finished

14. D. remembered

15. B. go

16. D. competing

17. C. eat

18. B. drinks

19. A. is

20. D. is

21. B. said

22. C. also to travel

23. B. nor what she wrote

24. A. helpful

25. C. have dine in the restaurant

26. B. are

27. A. is better than

28. D. was sleeping

29. B. nor comic

30. D. my best friend

Demikianlah soal Bahasa Inggris wacana verb beserta dengan kunci jawabannya. Semoga sanggup dipelajari dengan baik dan bermanfaat bagi teman – teman semua. Terima kasih.


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